Large number of developers and other IT professionals interested in Agile methodology gathered at the Bosnia Agile Day 2014 on Monday, October 27th, 2014 in the Hotel Sarajevo.

Bosnia Agile Day 2014 is a one-day event that brings world-wide Agile Evangelists, leading Agile experts, practitioners and innovators together to share their experiences, expertise, enthusiasm and knowledge.


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One more meetup successfully organized. This time in Tuzla and in cooperation with American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

After introduction speech about Bosnia Agile association and introduction to Agile with Scrum, by Enis Zeherović, followed great speech by extraordinary soft skills trainer Denis Rudonja.

His speech where about two closely related themes Team and Feedback. He made clear five stages of team life-cycle: forming, storming, norming, performing, mourning. For successful team, the most important prerequisite is good communication. The most 'problematic' but inevitable part of communication is commenting things that could improve. Denis gave us few ways to point to mistake but not ruin good communication, and make the person we gave our opinion leave the conversation with positive feelings. This kind of communication makes it possible to pinpoint to mistakes but leave the team to continue to leave in good team spirit.

At the end participant gave us very positive feedback and shown satisfaction.

We will be glad to cooperate again with Denis and American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will be happy to be guests in Tuzla again, as well as in other cities.

Preuzeto sa

Utorak, SEPTEMBaR 2, 2014

Sarajevo Special Product Owner Training




Studies* show that certain memories help us learn and remember more effectively. Combine a course with a team building exercise, an appraised movie, and you have something amazing - a training with lasting impact. 

This is exactly what we wanted to achieve with the first Bosnia Agile organised Product Owner training.


The PSPO (link) training was build around two events, the Sarajevo Film Festival  and a rafting team building exercise. It does not come as a surprise that this event was sold out 6 weeks ahead.




Between watching a great movie 'The Railway Man' and rafting in this beautiful region, the students where also learning everything important about Scrum, value, lean and agile product ownership. Since I was the trainer it might sound pretentious from me to say how awesome this training was, but in all modesty, it truly was. It was an outstanding and new experience not just for myself. I made many friends and shared many great moments with my fellow students. I am sure that Sarajevo played a big part in this. Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina, is a very dynamic and friendly city surrounded by beautiful nature and with good reason was the host for the ’84 Winter Olympics. I for myself cannot wait to go there again.


25 happy Product Owners and a happy trainer cannot be wrong. We have been so pleased that the organisers and I decided to repeat this setup once again next year.


If you live somewhere in the EU you should consider combining education with worthwhile memories. More training content will stick and even better, you will have more fun learning. Consider this: even with budgeting in the costs of transportation and accommodation, it is probably still cheaper than your near-by training provider.


See you next year at the 21st Sarajevo Film Festival …
 Professional Scrum Product Owner Training (PSPO), organized on August 21-23 2014 was attended by 25 participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Turkey. Attendants had a chance to explore the subjects of Value Driven Development, Product Management, Managing Requirements, Planning Releases, Lean Planning and Managing products. The PSPO training was complemented by two other events, the Sarajevo Film Festival and a rafting team building exercise. Thanks to our attractive agenda, trainer and complementary events it doesn't come as a surprise that the event was sold out 6 weeks ahead. Bosnia Agile will continue working on providing world-class events like this one in the near future. Check out our next events: Bosnia Agile Day 2014 and certified Disciplined Agile Delivery training coming in October this year. 

Agile Mostar Meetup, organized on August 1st 2014 in cooperation with NSoft and Intera Technology Park, was attended by 45 employees of software development companies and computer science students from the Herzegovina region. Attendants had a chance to learn concepts of Scrum Product Ownership and Lean as well as to learn on benefits and some obstacles when practicing Scrum under Bosnia and Herzegovina's market conditions. We thank Intera Technology Park on excellent logistics and all attendees on their engaged participation! Hope to see you again soon in Mostar!


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