USAID Partnership for Innovation Project (PIP), with the help of our Association, organized „Lean and Agile for managers“ training held in Sarajevo on October 15th-16th 2015. Objective of this training was to increase trainees’ understanding of lean and agile principles and values from a management point of view and provide practical tools and techniques on how to implement lean and agile processes within their organizations.

During two-days of training we also covered topics of scaling agile, people and agile leadership, overview of main “concepts” such as Scrum, Kanban, Scaled Agile Framework, Cont. Delivery, DevOps, Cost-of-delay, Minimum-Marketable-Features… then we touched upon agile contracting and sourcing and finally discussed tools to use tomorrow at our office such as Find your waste, Value stream mapping, Prioritize your backlog, metrics.

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On August 20th 2015. Bosnia Agile organized Internet of Things conference attended by 100+ participants. Internet of Things (IoT) is a key innovation which "feeds" modern companies. IoT systems connects traditional products with wider eco-system and unlock the potential for a new innovative products and services. Smart and affordable "Things" create opportunities for business development which were unimaginable just few years ago. New, dramatic changes happens to business models and creates a world of connected "things". IoT is here to stay and it change everything we know about business applications.


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On August 14th-15th, 2015, Bosnia Agile organized another session of our „Scrum Masterclass“ training. The goal of this training was first to explain and provide compelling reasons for all the Scrum roles, artifacts, activities and associated rules, and than to discuss possible implementations of the framework based on the experience of both the trainers and participants. We believe we managed to help participants coming from Comtrade, BBI bank, Rubicon, IN2, Loop, Ping, Mistral, Devlogic, RT-RK and Prodess to build their own capacities to innovate the work process in their organizations. We thank them on their enthusiasm, effort, ideas and discussions and we hope we'll extend our cooperation in future. Special thanks goes to Academy387 for proving, yet again, great services!

On August 10-11 2015, in cooperation with BitAlliance, Bosnia Agile delivered training for 50 participants of the 2nd generation of the BitCamp program. Our trainer explained mechanism of practical implementation of Scrum framework in development projects, focusing on Scrum roles, artifacts, activities and associated rules so that projects are implemented on time, within budget, at sustainable pace and in a way the projects become a win-win for both software development company and the client side.

Our special thanks goes to Zana Karkin, Selma Mameledzija and Naida Dervishalidovic for making this event possible!

On July 22nd 2015. Bosnia Agile organized yet another very successful meetup, this time on the topic of Agile Requirements Engineering. Our lecturer Abdulkerim Čorbo from System Verification had an interesting lecture followed by many comments, questions and observations. Participants said that meetup was interesting as lecturer explained the basics of Requirements Engineering and gave practical examples from his work practice and that the lecture was interesting even for persons who are not in Quality Assurance posts.

We hope to extend our successful cooperation with other agile organizations to share knowledge and know-how for the benefit of our community. Our thanks goes to Abdulkerim for excellent lecture and our friends from Academy387 for providing great services once again.

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