On April 8th, 2016 very interesting meetup about public sector agility was held at the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina building. Meetup was held in a form of workshop with attendees from many different public institutions and companies. 

In a very pleasant and useful discussion the need for more similar workshops is recognized due to the fact that public sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina is dominant, and changes are necessary for better and more efficient public services.

Bosnia Agile will continue to organize events in order to improve software development practices, IT project management and to promote agile philosophy.

Meetup presentation (in local language) is availible here

Bosnia Agile is inviting you to submit session for the third annual conference in 2016.

The submission will remain open until April 30, 2016 and speakers are encouraged to submit early.

Here is your opportunity to speak at BA Day 2016, the leading Agile organization in the region! We invite Agile leaders, enthusiasts to submit their best session proposals for peer review. It is the best to submit proposals as early as possible as competition is intense for the speaking slots available. Early submissions may benefit from additional time for review and feedback.

Third Bosnia Agile Day 2016 conference will be held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on October 15th, 2016.

As with previous year the organizers would like to see a mix of session formats: presentations with or without slides, interactive workshops/hands-on-keyboard interactive workshops.

The majority of sessions will be 30 and 45 minutes in length. Double sessions (90 or more minutes) are also available, primarily for hands-on/interactive workshops.


All submissions should be made by completed SPEAKER FORM.

Read more: Call for speakers: Bosnia Agile Day 2016

This course was very well prepared! I think that agile project management is the future and probably the safest way to implement an IT project..." is just one of many positive comments participants gave after attending „Procurement and agile project management of information systems development“  training organized in Sarajevo, December 14th-15th 2015.

This two days training targets public sector and other non-software organizations interested in agile project management of information systems development projects.  

This time we had 18 participants to which we thanks on their engagement and enthusiasm and we wish them a happy journey on their path to agility!

Bosnia Agile Day 2015 conference was successfully held in hotel Sarajevo on October 17th, 2015. This is the second annual Agile Conference organized by the Bosnia Agile, innovative non-profit association that aims to promote Agile software development methodologies and agile project management in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Participants had the opportunity to listen to 12 international and local speakers from companies such as Intel, Spotify and IBM, as well as participate in interactive workshops. Some of the speakers were: Jorgen Hesselberg, Cliff Hazell, Selma Prodanović, Bart Hufen, Mehmet Yitmen, Anders Sixtensson, Almir Drugović. The conference attracted over 150 participants.


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