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  • You have a great vision of your future information system but you're not sure on all the details? 
  • You would like a model that allows change during software development process:  to add some features you didn't think of when preparing a tender dossier or to change something you wrongly specified?
  • You're not sure whether your tender documentation is detailed and comprehensive enough for potential bidders to understand your vision and the scope of the project? 
  • You feel something's wrong in communication with contracted service provider; there's no positive spirit in your cooperation? 
  • You want a successful project from the first try, without annexes to the contract or new procurement procedure?

These are the issues that many IT managers encounter in their everyday work. Luckily there is a way to mitigate risks associated with the development of innovative, custom-made software solutions. 

Bosnia Agile proudly presents an agile approach to project management of information systems development – flexible, holistic approach to product development where you and development team of contracted software service provider work together as a team, pursuing the project goals with acknowledgment that it is impossible to design every feature and detail up front, and that the new knowledge we gain in project implementation will probably be crucial in developing the product with the optimal business value for you as a client.


Procurement and Agile Project Management of Information Systems Development

Hotel "Sarajevo, "Sarajevo, December 10th-11th 2015

Agile is a mainstream approach to innovative IT solutions development projects because traditional project management approaches, based on strictly phased implementation, demonstrated flaws leading to partially or totally unsuccessful results. Latest research from 2014 shows that 94% of software development companies have adopted agility, and that majority of them have been implemented using a agile process based on Scrum. This seminar has a goal to empower you to be in line with Scrum practice of software development companies while explaining why practicing Scrum increases your chances to have a successful project and valuable product as its result. We'll also explain how to procure this kind of service and how to successfully collaborate with contracted bidder throughout the project. 

This two day seminar will build capacities of participants to properly address the issue of development of initial plan for your product - ToR (tender dossier) and initial Product Backlog (System requirements specification), how to conduct (public) procurement procedure, and how to practice agile system development in public and private sector. Training will be conducted in highly interactive and collaborative format.


Agile software development life cycles, such as Scrum, are proven ways to deliver software faster, easier and in a smarter way. That’s why most of the software companies today practice some form of agility. Agile practices enabled, among other benefits, management over changing priorities, increased team productivity and project visibility, thus contributing to development of the right software product.

If you are an IT project manager or IT associate working in a non-software organization, you should be interested in this training for two compelling reasons: 

  • To learn how Scrum, the most popular agile framework, works and how to properly practice the Product Owner role in your projects. That’s how you can dramatically increase chances of achieving a truly valuable software product as a result of your project.
  • To go beyond development process and apply agile tools and techniques to manage the whole project. 

This training aims at exactly that: building your capacities to facilitate continuous “end to end” agile projects and providing appropriate framework and templates for the contracted work, which is based on an agile, highly collaborative model. We’ll provide practical tools and techniques to use and explain agility from the perspective of a client in all phases of an IT project: from preparing the system’s requirements specification, the contractual framework and the invitation to tender; over practicing Scrum Product Owner role with contracted service provider in development; to ensuring final solution sustainability and continual improvement.


"Very well designed course, innovative and interesting approach to information systems development, which allows contracting authorities to ensure more quality is achieved within the product."

Ivana Saric, Head of e-Government Dept., Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina

"This training discovers, as any other good practice and idea, a common-sense approach to management of information systems development. If you've practiced project management by the book, it will help you to review the process and adopt agility to serve your needs better."

Timur Gadzo, Director, Sarajevo Canton IT and Statistical Office

"Scrum obviously relives project manager of bad assumptions, dawdling, impreciseness, disparities in development, low quality results, stress etc. and provides continuous, rhythmic, focused, precise, in-time and high quality development."

Safet Jakupovic, IT Manager, Supreme Court of Federation BiH 


How we procure and develop information systems and services today?  

  • Why many information systems projects fail or are partially successful?
  • Introduction to agile development
  • Traditional vs. Agile development: Why Agility is important?

Preparing tender documentation and writing initial system specifications 

  • Approaches to discovering and specifying user requirements;
  • Procurement of service: Information system development throughout the system development life cycle focusing on agile development and tools to improve collaboration with software company;
  • Procurement of service: Information system maintenance and continuous improvement.

Developing good selection and award criteria for (public) procurement

  • Selection criteria for software companies;
  • Members of development team as selection or award criteria;
  • Tender evaluation. 

Agile system development using Scrum

  • Introduction to Scrum roles, activities, artifacts and rules;
  • Principles and values of agile development: developing partnership with awarded bidder and collaborative system design;
  • Agile project manager: optimizing the value of product and getting the best of development team. 

Consultation 2.0  

  • Collaborative design and service delivery, decision making i policy making.  


  • Project managers in public organizations, private sector, NGOs and other organizations leading development projects;
  • IT professionals of all profiles interested in agile project management and software development;
  • Procurement professionals involved in procurement of information systems, services as well as other innovative products.
Note: Scrum is an agile framework for developing complex products. Although initially formalized for software projects, it has been successfully used for many complex, innovative projects, so this seminar would be of practical use for traditional project managers too. Still, exemplar projects will be from IT domain.


  • Contracting authority doesn't have to do a big information system design up-front, what it does need to do is to provide enough details about its business needs and requirements.
  • Contracting authority is focused on driving the development in a way it returns the biggest value to the organization.Change requests are part of agile work process, meaning that changes (probably) won't affect the budget, which is something that regularly happens in traditional project management when managing change. 
  • Technical specification should be enough detailed up front to allow the bidders to set a realistic offer, and yet flexible enough for contracting authority to be able to formulate change request based on know knowledge obtained on the course of project implementation.
  • Contracting authority and contracted bidder works together on project implementation - through continuous engagement in planning and reviewing product increments in short periods of time.
  • Learning and gaining new knowledge is a central part of agile work process. Although learning and product improvements are not excluded from traditional work process, agile process is designed in such a way that it supports and stimulates the learning process. 
  • Contracting authority take the leadership over product development thus increasing chances for product success in a first round.
  • Working on innovative projects with creative people is fun!


14 - 15.12.2015

Hotel "Sarajevo"

Džemala Bijedića 169 A

71000 Sarajevo 


Standard fee: 299 KM (150 €*) + 17% VAT

Lunch, coffee breaks and seminar materials included.

*Bosnia Agile members gets a 10% fee discount. 


Registration is open. Please register via local language registration form.


Monday, 14.12.2015.

10.00-11.30 - Lecture

11.30-12.00 - Coffee break

12.00-13.30 - Lecture

13.30-14.30 - Lunch

14.30-16.00 - Lecture

Tuesday, 15.12.2015.

10.00-11.30 - Lecture

11.30-12.00 - Coffee break

12.00-13.30 - Lecture

13.30-14.30 - Lunch

14.30-16.00 - Lecture



Kemal Bajramović,

Co-Founder, Agile/Scrum trainer at Bosnia Agile 

Kemal is an ICT project manager working at Civil Service Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a Head of Information Technology Group. He brings to this training several years of experience in agile project management of IT projects, working with software service provider's teams, designing contracts, and managing challenges that IT project manager from non-software organizations experience in an agile project environment. He has more than 10 years of experience as a lecturer. He lectures on Agile and Scrum, Public sector ICT procurements, E-Government and E-Procurement, both in academia and professionals’ seminars and conferences.

He is Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM), Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO), Professional Scrum Product Owner™ (PSPO), Agile Project Management® (AgilePM) certified and Management of Value® (MoV) certified.

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