From November 29, 2017 10:00 until November 30, 2017 16:00
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This training session will be held in the local language. A full description of the training is available here.

Are you a project manager with a vision and domain knowledge needed for the information system you’re about to develop, but your experience tells you that all things can’t be defined in advance, that there will be changes in customer requirements and that System Requirements Specification, as a part of tender dossier,  is not, and probably never can be, complete and accurate in details?

Almost all software companies practice agile software development, but you still don’t have much experience with that approach and you’re about to start your first agile projects?

You have a fixed budget for your project and you want to successfully manage uncertainties so to succeed “from the first attempt” without annexes to contract or new procurements?

Training “Agile Project Management for Clients” will present successful agile processes, practices and tools for project managers contracting software development service, in which you and contracted bidder continuously collaborate on achieving project goals, aware of the fact that hot everything can be predicted and planned in advance, and that knowledge we discover during the project will probably be a key factor to project success. On this training, we'll focus on Scrum, as a leading agile framework, but will also present useful techniques and tools from Kanban, Lean and DSDM.

For more information on this training in local language, please click here

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